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O TABULEIRIZ esteve à conversa com o ilustrador Stéphane Poinsot

Será o ano 2011, O ANO de Stephane Poinsot? Este ilustrador tem presenteado todos os jogos com Artwork fantástica desde "Indutry" ; "Bombay" ; "Régents" e finalmente, "Evo".

TEiriz -  Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you start to work with illustrations and how this path led you to board games?
Stéphane PoinsotYounger I was a player of role playing. I watched with admiration the drawings for me plunged into the game world I drew my 
characters. I discovered at the time Frazetta, McBride, and Wendling many others. 
Then, not good for much I'm headed to study graphic design.At the end of my studies, I sent some files and I started publishing in magazines game roles. The thing led to another and soon enough we asked me to illustrate my first game: Once upon a time


TEiriz - How many games have you done the artwork for, and in which projects are you working right now?

Stéphane Poinsot - I do not know exactly how I Illustrated games, probably between 25and 30. Currently I have no plans, I just had a  child a few daysago. I received some proposals for party games, I'll decide prettyquickly whether or not I draw

TEiriz - Your style varies from the more “serious” or to the more cartoonish, how do you coordinate the line of work for the different styles of board games?

Stéphane Poinsot - For me illustrate it to adapt. I assume that as each game isdiffernet, drawing and graphics must tell something different each time. This makes the work more interesting. What I like is that Ioffer themes that I've ever shown.
When I start a game, for styling, I rely on the size and complexity of the game. 

Plus the game is big and expensive,more illustrationgnéralement will push-up, conversely, for a partygame, the designwill be more lightweight and faster to match the mood of the game Idisute all this with the editor before start drawing.

TEiriz - Besides board games, do you do illustrations for any other media?

Stéphane Poinsot - I also published in newspapers, video games, comic books, book covers ...

TEiriz - where do you get your inspiration and how do you do the research for your drawings?

Stéphane Poinsot - It really varies. The games require a historical photographic documentation accurately. The fantastic games less.
Sometimes I look at pictures of other illustrators but sometimes I do not watch anything. It follows inspiration, mood and shape of the moment.

TEiriz - How do you credit the success of a game to its illustrations? How important they are to the success of a game?

Stéphane Poinsot - I think it's essential. The first look that was on a game is on its design. We must know immediately if we please, what is itsdifficulty, if we match the atmosphere.
This is also what we have under our eyes while we play.
I know I did not buy some game because of their desing.Conversely, I bought just for that.

TEiriz - Which are your favorite games and your favorite games designers?

Stéphane Poinsot - I love the pictures of Matthew and Vincent Leyssenne Dutrait. Theircreations are always wonderful. I work very carefully.
After there are also many others. I'm usually quite appreciative of what I do not.


TEiriz - Do you think that board games can be use for an education purpose?

Stéphane Poinsot - For me it is another thing but it carries the same value, exchange, sharing, conviviality. It is an area I know least, that I just discussed

TEiriz - What you know about Portugal? Have you ever visited Portugal?

Stéphane Poinsot - I've never been to Portugal, but since you invited me, it is withpleasure that I accept:).
I am most familiar images postcard. By cons I know everythingabout his championship football. LeSporting Portugal made ​​melose a lot of money on my paris this year:)
I worked there with a little Portuguese publisher on the game Manoa Mano. It was a wonderful experience and great contacts!

TEiriz - Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, and we hope to see many more of your artwork in the future.
Thank you Gill, I wish all of you Portuguese and very nice big parties around atable and a drink. Thank you to you Thanks Again