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 O Autor do Jogo que vai escalar muito em ESSEN 2010 - K2

1.    7Eiriz - How you define K2?
K2 is a game of great atmosphere, intended rather for intermediate players. I think I managed to combine the mechanics with the theme of reaching the summit. During the game, players manage their climbers, trying to bring them as close to the summit as possible (preferably to the peak), but one must be careful, K2 does not forgive mistakes and the climbers may die. K2 is a game in which players fight with each other, with the weather, but above all with the mountain.


TEiriz - What was the idea that led you to this project?
For several years I used to climb in caves (not in high mountains). I read many books in this field. Mountains were an important part of my life. Then I decided to make a game about this topic. I made the first draft about 20 years ago... Since then, the game has changed many times; the current version is the result of two years work (2008-2009).

TEiriz - Which is the target public for K2?
The game is aimed at intermediate players. There are several elements that can make it more difficult (double board, two sets of weather cards - summer and winter). The basic mechanics are not very difficult. "Gamer families" with children aged 10-12 years should manage to play it.

TEiriz - Have you a new project to edit that you can reavel us something?
Yes I can. At the beginning of next year 2 of my new games should appear.Two completely different games.
The first one is Qubix ( ) - an abstract game with some randomness for 3-5 players.It's a game with wooden pieces, where players build patterns for themselves and their opponents, for which the players score victory points, Thanks to this mechanism the game has a lot of interaction. This game is also not a new one, but there was a problem with finding the right publisher - wooden pieces.
The second game is Dragon hunter.The action takes place in a kingdom of dwarves, in which the king has become ill. The best doctors have decided that the heart of a young dragon can save him. Warriors built a trap, but unfortunately they only partially caught the dragon. The dragon has some possibility of movement, it can attack ... luckily it is a young dragon, and the dwarves are well armed. To win, the player who controls the dwarves must kill the dragon, and the player who controls the dragon must survive for a given time... Hunter is a game for 2 people, asymmetrical, and takes place on a small board.What's cool is that players must play differently while controlling the dragon or the dwarves. The game will be released with figures for the dwarves and dragon.

TEiriz - Can you tell me the game you enjoy playing the most? Why?
I really like logical abstract games. For many years I played go, I taught go to children and indeed I still like it . So one of my favorite games is go. This is the game I have played the most and continue to enjoy. Quite different is the game of Carrom - a dexterity game, like pool on a board - which also gives me great pleasure. I am always happy to sit and play it.

TEiriz - Can you tell me your favorite game? And your favorite type of game?
I do not know.
As I said above, I like logical games, I like economic games... a favorite game ... I can not choose one. In addition to the above I would consider El Grande (generally), Power Grid - for such a brilliant atmosphere, I like to play Kramer games (the Mask trilogy, Colosseum, Maharaja, Verflixt ), I like Puerto Rico, Steam, Goa, but I like also Thebes, Ingenious, Rummicub and Dixit. One is about 10 too few

TEiriz - Do you follow any Particular game designer with especial attention?
I have already mentioned Kramer. I was lucky enough to visit him, and talk to him (I was writing an interview for the Polish magazine "Świat Gier Planszowych" - "World of Board Games). I really like his games and always look at them with interest. I hope that after the more modest recent years he will surprise me with something like "Hacienda", or some of the above-mentioned titles.

TEiriz - Do you think that board games can be use for an education purpose?
Yes, I taught go, and specifically Atari go in kindergartens. I saw the impact this little game had on children. Games developed them in many aspects and it is worth using them.

TEiriz - What you know about Portugal? Have you ever visited Portugal?
Unfortunately, I've never been to Portugal. And my knowledge is poor
I remember lessons of history about discoverers like Vasco da Gamma (although we learned more about the Spanish ones), but that's an older story. Currently Portugal most reminds me of athletics and football (although I am not really a fan of the latter ;-))

TEiriz - Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, and we hope to see many more of your artwork in the future.
Adam Kałuża