Mattias Cramer

1. How  you define Glen More?
Glen More is a game with a dynamic turn order. Each player has to decide wheather he would like to have his next turn soon or take the best tile on the board. With the tiles, players develop their own landscape, gather goods and score victory points with them. The players with the largest landscape will loose points at the end of the game, but a large landscape provides a lot of actions, so players have to decide for each tile, if it is worth the possible loss in points.

2. What was the idea that led you to this project?
The game was developed with the mechanic in my mind. I found the theme rather quick, so Whisky and Highland Cattle went into the heart of the game very early.

3. Which is the target public for Glen More ?
Like for all alea-Games, the target public are players with a lot of gaming experience who love to play games with a higher complexity than family games.

4. Have you a new project to edit that you can reavel us something?
I have some new projects, but they are not very far. Bringing Glen More to the market took a lot of time in the last 12 months. So I will have to start nearly from scratch for the next game.

5. Can you tell me the game you enjoy playing the most? Why?
I enjoy playing complex cardgames very much, Race for the Galaxy by Tom Lehmann is my favorite one. It allows a lot of different ways to victory or loss without getting boring. I also love some of the old-style games like Titan, 1830 or Outpost, because I simply grew up with them.

6. Can you tell me your favorite game? And your favorite type of game?
Race for the Galaxy (see above). In general, I mostly play more or less complex Eurogames. For example: Puerto Rico, Agricola, St. Petersburg, Stone Age are great ones.

7. Do you normally follow any particular game designer with especial attention?
We have a lot of game disigners here in the Rhein/Ruhr-area in the west of Germany, which work together closely. This is very important, because 80% of a game designers work is testing. So I also accompany a lot of other games during their development process.


8. Do you think that board games can be use for an education purpose?
I don't think so. Glen More takes some places all over the Highlands (and not only in the Great Glen). This is because we had to rename the game - the original title was "Highlands". But - like in most more complex games - people are able to do experiments with their ability to plan things and make the right decisions for their priorities.

9. What you know about Portugal? Have you ever visited Portugal?
Unfortunately not. But I have a colleague from Portugal :-)

Thank you.