Loïc Lamy

TEiriz - How  you define Deadwood?
This is the farwest : easy rules, fights and money, and no timeouts !


TEiriz -  What was the idea that led you to this project?

My first idea was to develop a game where a railway bould be built, with people building near the way of the future railway, but not on the exact way to avoid destruction of your buildings.
I quickly thought that the building of a city in the farwest would be good for that idea. Now, we still have the railway construction, but players do not build anything and the game is very different of my initial idea.


TEiriz - Which is the target public for Deadwood

Anyone can play, the game is pretty easy - you only need to understand the abilities of the buildings, and it is not very long to play. I already played it with kids around 10 years old, they liked it.
The people who seemed to like it most were people who wanted a funny strategic game : there is some strategy in that game (most of the time, I win), but there is also many fun when you decide to attack someone ("why me ?"), when the dice refuse to help you or when you realise that your wanted tokens will give you an huge fine. There is also many fun because there are many interactions between the players.


TEiriz - Have you a new project to edit that you can reavel us something?

On 2011, I will have 3 games published : Deadwood will be the first.

Then this summer Chazz will be available. It is published by Cocktail games. This is an adaptation of the traditionnal game of the musical chairs : players are cats fighting for territories : the chairs around the table. Each turn you place one card of your color at the place where you sat, if you were able to sit down ! When you have 3 different cards on one territoy, you win it. When you have 2 territories, you win.

And this automn, Banksters will be available too. In that game, there are diamonds in a box. Each player have a bag. Each one will receive the box, have a look into it, and then may steal some diamonds by putting them in his bag. When everyone except one have received the box, the last player check what is missing and have to find the thieves. He will ask questions to the other players, who may lie or even say the truth.


TEiriz - Can you tell me the game you enjoy playing the most? Why?

The game I play the most is Race for the galaxy : 2 or 3 times a week I play it with my wife. We still discover new strategies, the games are short enough to play several games on a row, and the bow small enough to follow us on holidays !


TEiriz - Can you tell me your favorite game? And your favorite type of game?

My reply may be different an other day as there are so many very good games, but today my favourite game is probably Dungeon Lords : the story is funny, many strategies, even when you lose you still have a goal (killing these awfull adventurers).

About my favorite type of game : I like to play to all type of games, from "time's up" to "Starcraft" passing by "Endeavor" or "Chess". More than a type of game, what I am looking are different games - not allways the same german cubist game - with fun and laughs, or with good strategy.


TEiriz - Do you normally follow any particular game designer with especial attention?
When someone create a game I love, of course I am curious of his other games. The one who never disappointed me is Vlaada Chvatil, his games are allways different, allways interesting, allways with a strong and funny background. I would like to bez able to write rules the way he does !


TEiriz - Do you think that board games can be use for an education purpose?

I am a primary school teacher and my pupils are playing. I do not like the "educational games", often boring, even if sometimes, these games are the better way to learn an even more boring thing ! In my classroom, there are modern games, children can play when they have finished their work. The same way that they can read. People never ask "are they reading educational books ?". Reading is a good thing, you may learn so much with it if you read interesting books. Playing is the same : playing interesting game will develop their abilities (strategy, anticipation, waiting your turn...).


TEiriz - What you know about Portugal? Have you ever visited Portugal?

Unfortunately, I did never come to Portugal. But, I grow up in Toulouse, where many Portuguese live, and so I know many Portuguese, most of the time nice and trustable people. That is all I know from you country, and thanks to them, I would like to come one day !


TEiriz - Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, and we hope to see many more of your artwork in the future.