O Artista do Jogo que vai escalar muito em ESSEN 2010 - K2

 TEiriz - Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you start to work with illustrations and how this path led you to board games?

Jarek - I've been drawing and making paintings since I remember. When I was a child I drew dragons and knights. In primary school I got a present - my first board game called "Talisman". I was fascinated by the game and the new hobby began. I had graduated from Artistic Secondary School and after that I finished Culture Studies at University of Silesia. Then I started working for Pergamena Publishing House. It was the time when new board games start showing up in Poland. It was then when I started seriously considering to start making illustrations for board games.

TEiriz- How many games have you done the artwork for, and in which projects are you working right now?

Jarek - In Poland board games' maket is still developing. So far I was making artwork for board games for children. I also made illustrations for RPG games, i.e. for "Neuroshima" which was published by Portal. "K2" is my first serious project. It gives me a chance to show what I really got. I'm also working on box-cover for the game called "Strike of the Eagle" (Academy Games). This game is about Polish-Russian conflict in 1919.

TEiriz - Your style varies from the more “serious” or to the more cartoonish, how do you coordinate the line of work for the different styles of board games?

Jarek - Nowadays you have to be flexible. You also have to fit in with customer's expectations. That is why my illustrations are so different one from another. I set great store by details. I like when viewer sees something new every time he looks on game's artwork. I think that this determines my style most.

TEiriz - Besides board games, do you do illustrations for any other media?
Jarek- Yes. For books and journals.

TEiriz - where do you get your inspiration and how do you do the research for your drawings?
Jarek - I'm inspired by everything which surrounds me. Interesting face in a crowd, an old tree, a good book or music. Usually, when I create a new piece of art I am giving it to my fiancee or freinds. They are my first critics:)

TEiriz - How do you credit the success of a game to its illustrations? How important they are to the success of a game?
Jarek - In my opinion, illustrations are extremely important for board games. These are the elements which build game's vibe and decide about first impression.

TEiriz - Which are your favorite games and your favorite games designers?
Jarek - I don't have an favourite game's designers. But I can tell you that my favourite artists are Goya and Peter Bruegel. I like very much artwork of French publishing house Matagot. Their "Gitans" and "Cyclades" are my favourite games. I'd also like to add game called "Taluva" which is more abstractive.

TEiriz - Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, and we hope to see many more of your artwork in the future.
Jarek - I also thank you